Caseificio La Stella Latticini

Caseificio La Stella Latticini

La Stella Latticini

La Stella - Cow Milk

Combined production of Frisone and Jersey cow milk originating from Leppington Pastoral Farm Co. in Bringelly, NSW. The farmer has opted for a very natural pasteurization/fermentation process using live cultures that are similar to those used in Italy's Campania region. Kneaded curd cheese suitable for all cooking uses and perfect for pizza.

Santa Lucia - Cow Milk

Kneaded curd cheese, made through a daily milking process. Varying by its soft texture, white porcelain colour, classic dairy aroma and offers a gentle to sweet finish.

Filabella - Cow Milk

Filabella is a cow's milk mozzarella, which melts beautifully and is suitable for all types of cooking methods, whether it be for pizza, lasagne or focaccia.

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